the pharoah cup - A Clarkston fundraiser

The 4th rendition of the Sultan birthday game - THE PHAROAH CUP - is for charity to benefit

The Clarkston Community Center

Sultan teammate Izzy is a Clarkston staple, where he has lived, played and coached for the past 20 years. Together, we are very passionate about providing opportunities to the youth, and having a positive impact on the community through soccer.

The Clarkston Community Center acts as a catalyst for a neighborhood that unites people from more than 50 different countries with residents who have called this area home for generations. Many of our new neighbors are refugees, fleeing violence and poverty. There are differences in how we look and where we were born, but we do not settle for coexistence.  We meet on common ground to learn, create, and enjoy each other’s company and to make each other more worldly. We are a microcosm of everything that is right and good about America. We invite you to invest in supporting a community center filled to the brim with people of all color and origins who run toward each other to build America’s most diverse neighborhood.

​This is a complimentary event, donation optional.

December 26, 2021 | 3:00pm EST

2012 bday game - walkout photo.jpg