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The FIFA World Cup - A Call To Celebration!

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

2010 - 2018 photos | South Africa, Brazil, Russia

What an exciting day, the wait is over - the 2022 FIFA World Cup is upon us! I have returned to visit my Egyptian family and will travel to Doha from Cairo - for the duration of the World Cup I will be in the Middle East, enjoying all of the chaos, controversy and excitement!

This will be my 4th opportunity to enjoy a world cup. After my first in South Africa 2010, the experience was so amazing that I promised myself to attend every one for the rest of my life. What else brings the world together like this event. Fans from every corner of the world come together in great spirits to support their country and enjoy the experience of watching the best players in the world carry on their country’s footballing tradition. I am very fortunate for this opportunity and look forward to the privilege of sharing these footballing and cultural moments with the players that I train!

I will attend 10 matches:

2 Politically charged matches - USA vs Iran and Tunisia vs France. Japan vs Spain - fair play and respect will highlight this match. Brazil vs Cameroon - footballing magic will be on display as these two countries have free flowing styles. South Korea vs Ghana & South Korea vs Portugal - siiiiiiiuuuuu! 4 round of 16 matches with the teams tbd. All 8 matches will be of the highest intensity since the countries are playing for their world cup advancement.

Each world cup experience is unique, and there is always controversy leading up to the event. Accusations of bribes are always present. Safety is always a concern. Human rights are always addressed. Will the host country be welcoming to world citizens?! Will South Africa have infrastructure and stadiums ready for the event?! Why is Brazil spending all of this money and not taking care of the citizens?! Will the Russian government mysteriously make people disappear?! Are stadium workers being properly cared for?! These are facts that are serious concerns. FIFA has the task of spreading and promoting the beautiful game around the world, as opposed to always having the event hosted in Europe or the Americas. Keeping the world cup and politics separate is a great challenge, but sport is an effective tool for this difficult task. The similarities that bring these world citizens together is greater than the differences.

Enjoy the call to celebration, and go USA! USA! USA! USA!

May peace be upon you...

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